„Systemrelevant?“ at Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

SYSTEMRELEVANT ?Systemically Important ? – impromptu exhibition with current statements on the topic of crisis and art from the late Middle Ages to the present day: isolated works meet isolated viewers – here the “social distancing” requirements translated to the museum presentation. Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe decided not to return to business as usual after the relaxation of restrictions. Instead, the director Prof. Dr. Pia Müller-Tamm with the curators Dr. Leonie Beiersdorf and Dr. Dorit Schäfer critically monitor the social consequences of the corona crisis.30th June – 27th September 2020

Newsletter > https://www.smigla-bobinski.com/newsletter/Kunsthalle-Karlsruhe.html

Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe > https://www.kunsthalle-karlsruhe.de/en/exhibition/systemically-important/

My statement on the banner:

„Art is like a grain of sand in the system. Whether this grain of sand becomes a pearl or it wears out the entire machinery, this is initiated by the artist but decided by people and society. Art can be everything, be relevant to the system or not at all. It operates at all levels and in all circumstances. It is an expression of our spirit, which reacts to existing situations and changes. It is a seismograph and osmosis at the same time. Art keeps us awake or clash head-on with many. Sometimes it keep our eyes wide open, often it even hurts, but it also comforts us when it is necessary. Sometimes it catapults us into a metaperspective, sometimes it goes deep under the skin. Art imagines the new and expands the horizon.Is that Systemically Important?Whatever … I just make art.Karina Smigla-Bobinski“

Albrecht Dürer’s „Die apokalyptischen Reiter“ / „The Four Horsemen, from The Apocalypse“


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