ADA through the eyes of the beholder

Since ADA touched the hands as well as the imagination of the people for the first time, many visitors sent me wonderful images, thoughts , memories and associations evoked by their experiences. Some of them very personal, some fantastic, some objective, some philosophical … but all of them gave ADA new facets and let her grow. So I decided to collect them here to have some kind of archive of ADA-cosmos.

«ADA» by Karina Smigla-Bobinski, is a post-industrial „creature“, visitor animated, creatively acting artist-sculpture, self-forming artwork, resembling a molecular hybrid, such as a one from nano biotechnology. It developes the same rotating silicon-carbon-hybrids, midget tools, miniature machines able to generate simple structures.
This here is a nanorobot at work replacing human nerve cells with artificial nerve cells. This CG animation visualizes one of the possible future applications and uses of nanotechnology.
Arrival Explained


#duet with @karinasmiglabobinski How are games persuasive? #videogames #gamestudies #interactivity

♬ Acid Rain – Lorn

Kinesin Protein – Molecular Motor Proteins

#duet with @karinasmiglabobinski panic. shaking. why do I react so negatively to this. #ihatethis #why #panicattack #nonbinary #artreaction

♬ Acid Rain – Lorn

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